Learn more about the cloud solution MEETWORK

The appointment, project and data room for your meetings.

Transparency and efficiency for your meetings

MEETWORK - your virtual appointment, topic and data room in the
cloud - is your central contact point for cross-company communication and information exchange:
before, during and after a meeting.
The exchange of information and data relevant to a meeting / project has never been easier.

Selecting the meeting participants is very simple

Our competitors cannot define their own individual participant groups. But MEETWORK can!
> No fixed groups need to be defined beforehand. MEETWORK can also do without a public follow/subscribe approach.

Practical: Inviting is now very easy

Invitations are sent conveniently via the web interface with an Outlook add-in (similar to Skype meetings).
This is what we mean by simple integration into the existing workflow.

Communication with other meeting participants:
Before - During - After the meeting

The integrated chat function allows participants to ask and answer questions and exchange information about the meeting.
In real time.

A quick look at the MEETWORK functions

To start:

Login with MEETWORK user account or login with existing Microsoft account (Office365 / Azure AD / Microsoft Live Accounts).
You don't have either? No problem! Register to create a MEETWORK account and log in with your email address and password.

Welcome to the web application

The last activities of the meetings / topics are clearly presented here. But of course also all news, upcoming meetings and contacts. If you click on a name, a display will appear showing the meetings / topics under this name. Very nice and practical!
Categories, which can also be individually designed, help to present meetings and topics clearly
Via the web interface you can easily create a new meeting / topic.

Very clearly structured!

After opening a meeting / topic, all corresponding messages appear immediately.
All categories assigned to the meeting / topic are also visible at a glance. Of course also the attached files.
A new message can be entered in the lower area.
Attach a file? Very simple! Drag&Drop, then click on the "attachment symbol".

Well documented!

Minutes of the meetings can be created for each meeting / topic.
Each participant in the meeting / topic can edit the minutes.
As soon as the protocol is edited, it is locked for the other participants.
Also practical: The minutes show who last edited it.

Transparent information!

The tab "Files" lists all files of the meeting / topic - and additionally the information who uploaded the file and when. Each file can be downloaded there directly. All files uploaded by the participant can also be deleted.

If you click on the "Information" tab next to it, the participants of the meeting / topic are listed and a corresponding description is displayed.

That's handy: The Outlook Add-in

The Outlook Add-In can be started via the button in the toolbar. After logging in to MEETWORK, a click on "Create" is required to create the meeting.

A MEETWORK footer is added to the Outlook appointment so that the meeting participants can access the meeting information in MEETWORK via the link.
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